Montage/Martin Brunn - The Androchair prototype


Karin Ehrnberger is a scientist, specialized in product- and service design. She creates innovative products that challenges norms in society. Especially the male dominated norms and values.

When men examines their prostate, they have the options to either lie down on the side of the bunk, or bend over it, according to Erhnrberger.

Erhnrberger feels this i not fair from a gender equal perspective, compared to what women have to experience when they are being examined by the gynecologist.

That is why she has created the Androchair for men.

She thinks men should feel the same experience (or humiliation, call it what you want) when they examine their prostate, as women have when they visit the gynecologist.

It's a chair were men lay down, butt naked (like in the picture), when being examined by a doctor.

The purpose with the chair, according to Ehrnberger in her doctoral thesis, is to make men have the same feelings as women, when the doctor examines men's butts with a strong light, and make them worried about things like, if my ass looks ugly; do I smell bad?; did I wash myself properly this morning, and so on.