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A 45-year-old man in Uppsala, Sweden, has been decleared innocent by the court, for raping a 8-year-old girl.The court considers that the man actually raped the girl physically, but he could not help it, according to courts desicion. He was asleep with his eyes open and can therefore not be convicted.

According to Swedish news website, Brottscentralen, court considers that the prosecutors failed to prove that the man "committed the act intentionally," and therefore can not be convicted of raping the little girl.

The Court considers that it's true, that the man got the girl to touch his penis, and the little girl's story was very detailed about the rape. She told the Court that the man had his eyes open, and she has also described his eyes. But despite that, the man walks free from all charges.

The girls lawyer, Silvia Ingolfsdottir Åkermark, says to Brottscentralen:

"It is regrettable. The judgment is manifestly incorrect"

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