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The Simpson cartoon character Waylon Smithers, Mr Smithers, have been suspected by the viewers for a long time to be gay, and in love with his own boss, Montgomery Monty Burns.

In the new episodes of The Simpsons, Mr Smithers reveals that he is in fact gay and has a crush on Mr Burns, according to Rob Lazebnik, one of the writers of The Simpsons.

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Rob Lazebnik told the New York Post that his son is also gay and he has been inspired by his relationship to his son, and decided to dedicate this to him, by making Mr Smithers coming out as a gay person in the new episode The Burns cage, coming very soon.

- I thought, "What is the better way to show my son that I love him than to make a series of sections on it?", Rob Lazebnik told the New York Post.

But who will be Mr Smithers new gay lover? According to Lazebnik, Mr Burns turned down on Mr Smithers, and Homer Simpson will help him to find a partner in the new episode of The Simpsons.