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The Australian government wants to combat the growing illegal prostitution and brothels in massage studios around the country.

So their solution is to pay individuals to have sex with the staff at massage lounges and legal brothels for quality checks, and to expose them if there is some illegal activities going on.

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According to one of these individuals, it's a hard work every third week to have sex with the prostitutes, that also demands that a report at around three pages are being submitted, where they describe the place, time, name, what he and the other person did and how much money was paid.

- It is a report that will be used in court, so it must be detailed and precise. It is nothing you write in a few minutes, says one of the individuals, "John", that the government pays to have sex with prostitutes according to News.com.au.

- “It’s certainly not a huge amount. But I’m being paid to do something most people pay good money for.”...“I don’t broadcast it because it is a little bit unbelievable to be involved in this sort of work. But it is quite enjoyable.” he adds.