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A 39-year-old Swedish man in the city of Haninge, has been convicted and sentenced to 5 years in jail. The reason: He defended himself with violence against a car thief that attacked him with a hammer.

According to the newswebsite Aftonbladet, the convicted man should also pay the car thief 1,5 million Swedish kronor ($170.000) in damage, who is said to have been badly injured after the fight.

The 39-year-old got into the fight with the car thief, after he heard the sounds of smashed car glass and car alarm go off. He decided to run over with a friend, and they found a car thief with a moped helmet on, sitting in a red Mercedes Benz he was trying to steal.

The 39-year-old tried to call the cops on his phone, but was then attacked by the thief who punched him in the head. The 39-year-old man started to fight back. But then the thief decided to take his helmet off, and attacked the 39-year-old man with a hammer he had instead.

The 39-year-old defended himself with the car thief's helmet he picked up, by hitting him with it. Apparently the 39-year-old man hit the car thief so badly with the moped helmet, that he later became a cripple.

The court however convicted the 39-year-old for an "extremely serious assault" and sentenced him to 5 years in prison.