Screenshot - The management and executives in the Swedish Construction Union during the 2017 International Women's Day.


Today is the 2017 International Women's Day. Everybody celebrates it in their on way. In Sweden apparently, the heads of the Constructon Worker's Union has decided to honor and to show "solidarity" with women and women's issues, by wearing pink "pussy hats" on their heads.

In a statement they write that they hope to attract more women to the construction industry.

They also say that they wear these "Pussy hats" today, to take a stand against those who believe women should earn less then men.

"Today we take on 'pussy hats' to show that we are many men who never intend to accept it. We also want to thank all the women who dared defy gender norms and selecting the construction industry. You are involved in developing the industry for the better. You are needed. Thanks. / The Construction Worker's Union federation board"