See the videos - Warning! Some content might be considered disturbing for some viewers
China: No motive at all found - Just pure act of lunacy
She thinks men have more privileges that is not gender equal and wants to change this with new innovations so men can feel the same worries as women like: Does my ass smell bad? and things like that
Meanwhile in Sweden - Wants to show "solidarity" with women's issues by this manifestation, and to attract more women to the industry
And the poor woman doesn't even notice it - See the odd behavior on video
Kind of hard to imagine how it is done in other parts of the world: Video
Apparently he is famous in his country for kicking ass
The baby screams in panic as soon as the needle enters the skin
Pisses her diapers and sleeps in a baby crib
Who knows, maybe that was the guy's last wish?
Apparently this skill is part of Chinese Kung Fu - Ok!? - "The balls on these guys!"
Warning! Graphic content that some viewers might find offensive
Right in the middle of the street - Video
Strange things from the past - Or maybe not?
Rushed to hospital for emergency surgery on his intestines - It got stuck! - Video!
Apparently this guy is a Dr. in psychology! Get the fuck outta here!
Circulates on social media and has caused an outrage among viewers
Another video leaked out about bad parenting
Who said something about drugs? See the funny video and judge for yourself!