Female activist said something in Spanish during a visit in Denmark
Says that it's a "disease" that should be treated medically
One of the daughters became pregnant by a 51-year-old client - Video
Trump often compared to Russian controversial politician and "showman" Zhirinovsky
Defended the Republican presidential front-runner’s immigration policies - "Nothing against Mexicans"
Vatican tradition every Easter - See the video from the ceremony in Rome
Vladimir Yeliseyev: Veteran of the Alfa anti-terrorism spetsnaz, now a part of Russia's FSB

Aggressive wild elephants attacking villagers in India

The girl's lawyer: "It is regrettable. The judgment is manifestly incorrect"

All 62 passengers aboard killed in the accident
The migrants are finding new routes into Europe
Shoplifted because his children were hungry and he had no money to buy food

Want to avoid more rape scandals like in Cologne

The man's life is in great danger after the rape in the famous "Red-light-district"

Several violent and sexual attacks on women and 10-year-old girls have occurred in a short time

"Porn fiesta" in a El Salvador prison with hired women have been disclosed
The former heavyweight champion have made strange statements in recent years
Organizer: "We do all we can to influence the US elections"

Politician: Aluminium shutters will worsen security in the street environment

Not the first time this kind of crime has been committed in the country
KKK "members" had pro-Trump signs - But what skin color did they forgot to hide?
She speaks out in a unique interview: "He's being tortured"
Even a student newspaper equated Trump with Hitler - See the photoshopped satirical pictures here!
"Bequeath it to science or a museum, or if you want to, allow someone else to have sex with it"
Angry about attempts to curry favor among black voters. - "Obama isn’t just the President of Black people"
Storm on social media after the Pope's criticism of Donald Trump's political views: "Hypocrisy"
Russian liberal MP who noticed the poster, upset and embarrassed over the poster
Says that with the current constitution Sweden can't forbid marriages who were conducted abroad by newly arrived immigrants

WARNING! Video and pictures contains content that some viewers may find disturbing

An angry Pope almost fell when he got pulled
Fainted at the podium during a Pentagon budget briefing about F-35 fighter jet program. VIDEO!

Parents complained that a classical scene scared their child, that received "terrible nightmares". - VIDEO

Two men started a big fight on board because they were not allowed to smoke or drink alcohol

Husband feels "insulted" to live in a home with bad hygiene and a lazy wife

African men forced into begging with Voodoo intimidation in Europe by gangs

It doesn't go well. Awkward moment for the presidential candidate. See the video!