Eric Trump says he's "sure" that his sister Ivanka encouraged their father to carry out the strike
Isn't this so called Russia-Trump connection going little to fuckin' far this time? Or maybe not...
Despite that he destroyed her life and her beauty, she still insists that boyfriend was the "perfect partner"
Vatican City: Tradition on every Holy Thursday during Easter
Celebrates the attack were several people were killed and mutilated
Lied about her identity and got more in compensation for her time in jail custody
Is said to be the first camps since Hitler and Nazi-Germany - TV-celebrities are believed to be among the detained in the camps
The hitman shot him several times in the head while his bodyguard took cover after he also got shot
Russian sanctions may impact on over 1,200 U.S students
Illegal abortions may increase in the country?
Mocked the EU and called them "hypocrites".
Burma: The mother had met a new man and is now suing her son for the comments on social media he had made about her
Erdogan to Turks living in Europe: "Don't have three children, have five"
Russia says it's enough evidence that the US air strikes, made it possible for IS to temporarily take over a Syrian military post
Turkey: This has nothing to do with new alliances with Russia and China
One of the daughters became pregnant by a 51-year-old client - Video
"Porn fiesta" in a El Salvador prison with hired women have been disclosed
Went with his mother to the Must Love Kids dental clinic in Vancouver for a dental procedure