© Screenshot - Breivik making nazi salutes in court

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The convicted Norwegian mass murderer and terrorist, Anders Behring Breivik, 37, is in a new court hearing complaining about his conditions in prison, where he serving his life sentence for murdering 77 people in a terror act in 2011 in Oslo and Utøya in Norway.

Breivik now says in the court hearing, "I love Paradise Hotel", and that this happened during his years in jail, and that this is clear evidence according to Breivik himself, that he is has become "seriously brain damaged".

He states that he lives under torture and in a "hell" and that those responsible are "sadists". He believes that all inmates must be in open rooms but that prisons on a "sociopathic way" has tried to circumvent his human rights.

According to Breivik, the Norwegian state want to drive him to suicide

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