Illustration Swedish police - Screenshot/Youtube


An asylum seeking couple were suspected of killing their own five-month-old baby at a refugee camp in Sunne, Sweden. But they blamed each other for the death of their baby, and thereby they were not considered to be guilty of murder according court, who also recognize them a reasonable compensation for the time they were in jail custody.

The prosecutor could not prove which one of parents was guilty of the murder of the little baby, and that was the reason the court could not convict the couple of murder.

The woman received $18.000 in compensation for the time she spent in jail custody, and the her husband is expected to get the same amount.

The prosecutor objected to the high compensation, on the grounds that the woman herself caused the long period of detention, when she lied about her identity. But the court did not share that view, as a suspect is not obliged to cooperate in an investigation according to Swedish media NWT.