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In an new bizarre anti-Christian statement from the Islamic terrorist organization, The Islamic State (ISIS), they claim that if Muslims ran America and western states, the "lucrative" black African slave trade would have continued.

ISIS argues in the their propaganad magazine Dabiq, on how to create a better economic growth and how weak, soft and corrupt Christianity have become and no longer lives according to the most brutal dictates of the Old Testament, and that Islam is the only solution to this problem, according to Breitbart News.

“The Islamic leadership would not have bypassed Allah’s permission to sell captured pagan humans, to teach them, and to convert them, as they worked hard for their masters in building a beautiful country,”.

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And the article continues, saying that trading in black African slaves, would not be done for racial reasons but religious ones.

“All of this would be done, not for racism, nationalism, or political lies, but to make the word of Allah supreme. Jihad is the ultimate show of one’s love for his Creator, facing the clashing of swords and buzzing of bullets on the battlefield, seeking to slaughter His enemies – whom he hates for Allah’s hatred of them.”