Daily Mail/Caters NEws Agenscy/Screenshot - The Griesbach family in Russia

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The German family, Griesbach, has fled Germany by car to seek asylum in Moscow, Russia. - They claim that is to dangerous to live in Germany because of the influx of migrants and the political establishment in Germany, that they refer to as a "dictatorship".

Carola Griesbach and her husband Andre, their two daughters and four of their grandchildren drove 1,400 miles to Moscow in 2015, to seek asylum in Russia and to escape Germany, that they feel is a dangerous place to live in and raise their children in.

But they have been stranded in a motel as Russia considers their request. The Russian government considers Germany a "safe" country and the family are not allowed to become asylum seekers in Russian, according to the Daily Mail.

"We are really hoping we can stay. We are really free here."

"Russian society is much better, and Putin is a much better example of a leader. The German state is corrupt, so he is much more democratic than Merkel.", says Andre Griesbach to Daily Mail, and adds;

"The Russian people are unbelievably helpful. No one can beat them in this respect. We certainly would not get this kind of help from Germans, because they are far too selfish."

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