Top politician in Sweden: Let criminal immigrants and car burners work as police officers

Photomontage - Illustration: Swedish top politician, Annie Lööf, head of the Centre Party.

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Swedish cities have been victims of mass destruction of cars the whole summer, fired up by young immigrant gangs in bad neighborhoods, that is said to be spreading around the country and in northern Europe. But the police do not have time to solve crimes anymore and are left without resources to deal with the increased crimes with burned up cars.

But a top liberal politician in Sweden, Annie Lööf, the head of the Centre Party, has a suggestion on how to solve the crimes and punish the criminals: She wants the gang members to work as police officers instead of burning up cars.

"Let the young car burners work with the police as punishment."

She says that "It's about young people on the slide that you are able to get on the right track" with this "solution", to punish them, by forcing them to work at the police departments.

But the Swedish Police union says no to this liberal political proposal.

To let youth criminals do community service at the Police department as a punishment, is a problem. Because we already have issues with resources, and this will only make the problem much bigger, if we have to spend time leading youths in the right direction, says Lena Nitz, from the Police Union to Swedish media Expressen.

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