The Patriarch of Moscow and the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Kirill, together with the All-Russian nation movement, signed an appeal on Thursday, calling to ban all abortions in Russia, RIA Novosti reports.

The text of which was agreed upon with the Patriarchal Commission for the Family, Maternity and Childhood Protection, calls, in particular, to recognize the status of a child conceived human being, life, health and well-being which should be protected by law.

The document also proposed to prohibit surgical and medical abortion, contraceptives with abortifacient action, assisted reproductive technology, an integral component of which is the "humiliation of human dignity and the killing of children, in the early stages of embryonic development."

The authors also suggested to provide financial assistance from the federal budget for pregnant women and families with children in the amount not less than the subsistence minimum.

I practice, this means that women that have been raped can not make an abortion if they become pregnant, and fetus with severe diseases as Down syndrome can not be aborted. This also means that there is major risk that women will make dangerous illegal abortions, risking their own life and health.