Famous actor says he abandoned the popular TV-show because of anti-semitism and fear for his security

Kim Bodnia - Screenshot

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Famous Danish actor Kim Bodnia admits now that he dropped out of the popular Scandinavian crime thriller series The Bridge (Bron / Broen) after two seasons because of security reasons and growing anti semitism in the Swedish city of Malmö were the production mainly took place.

In a interview with Israeli television Walla, he says:

"Anti-semitism in Malmö is growing and it is not very safe to be there as a Jew."

When Kim Bodnia back then dropped out from the third season of the Bridge, ha said it was because he wasn't satisfied with the script. But now he reveals that it was more than that just that. It was because of fear of his own protection.

"It made it easier to jump off", he says.

He also tells about how those who live and reside there (Malmö) must manage and combat anti-semitism every day.

Malmö that has a large Muslim and Middle Eastern population, has been notoriously known for anti semitic attacks the last years in the media.

Kim Bodnia himself is of Jewish origin from Poland and Russia. He is besides from the Bridge known from other famous TV-series and movies like the Pusher.

The Bridge (Bron / Broen) is produced in the Danish capital Copenhagen and in the Swedish city of Malmö. The series has been praised several times and sold to several countries.

An American version of "Bron" with the name "The Bridge" has been created. It takes place at the border between the US and Mexico.