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A US airstrike in Syria claims to have "mistakenly" targetet the Syrian army and killed at least 60 Syrian soldiers instead of bombing the Islamic terrorist organization IS according to agreements with Russia.

Russia is now claiming that this was not a mistake, but instead enough evidence, that the White House is protecting IS and deliberately attacks the Syrian regime and military forces

- "We come to a conclusion that is scary for the whole world. The White House defends the IS. Now there can be no doubt about it", says the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Maria Zacharova according to news agency RIA Novosti.

Russian Foreign Ministry stated that the US air strikes means that the deal between the US and Russia over ceasefire is in danger. They have come to the conclusion that the United States cooperates with the Islamic state in secret, said the Russian news agency Tass, according to Reuters.

The Pentagon says that they are gathering information about the attack to investigate what really happened. But US officials confirms that they have "mistakenly" bombed Syrian troops instead of IS.