Russian model killed by jealous sister - Stabbed 140 times and had her eyes gouged out

©  Stefania (left) and her older sister Elizaveta (right)

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A 17-year-old Russian naked model Stefania Dubrovina was found murdered by her own jealous sister in a appartment in St Petersburg Russia.

The body was stabbed 140 times, and she had her eyes gouged out and ears hacked of in the brutal murder.

The alleged murder is her own sister Elizaveta Dubrovina, who according to the police was high on drugs when she committed the crime at a party in a mans appartment, where the older sister went nuts and grabbed a knife and started to stab her sister.

According to The Daily Mail, the older sister was jealous of the younger sister, who both were orphans. The older ister trid to copy the younger sisters image and look like her.