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The Swedish police warns Swedish women in the city of Östersund to not go out by themselves and suggest them to stay at home after a wave of violent attacks with sexual content have occurred in a short time of period in the city towards women and young girls at the age of ten, Swedish media reports.

"We have seen a worrying trend", says Stephen Jerand, police area manager.

Since February 20, six reports of violence against women was reported in Östersund. All have been about unprovoked violence against women outdoors. In all cases, it has been unknown perpetrators according to police. And the police have no more signalement details to share with the public of suspected perpetrators.

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Among the reports there is a case of molestation of 10-year-old girls on a bus square in central Östersund. In addition, there are two further reports of violent abuse of single women.

For example, on February 26, a woman was being beaten by three men. In that case, there is a suspected offender. He tried to flee out of the country, but was stopped in  Germany and sent back to Sweden. The motive for the attack should however be unknown.

Police said at the press conference that they had never experienced anything similar in Östersund earlier, and that this is a completely new phenomenon. This is also why the police now go out and warn women to not go out in the city center by themselves, especially in the late evenings and nights. "Arrange a ride or walk in groups", says Jerand. "This is no normal picture we see here", he says.