Screenshot - Csanád Szegedi


Csanád Szegedi, 34, was an antisemite and a far-right politician in the nationalistic party Jobbik in Hungary, who trivialized the Holocaust and blamed Jews for the wrongs of the world – before finding out that he was one himself. Now he's a practising Jew himself.

The former member of the European Parliament in strasbourg in France, Szegedi, discovered he was a Jew by descent in 2012. After that he has been in the Synagogue every Friday morning to study Judaism and to learn about the Jewish people, together with Rabbi Baruch Oberlander, a Lubavitcher Hasid who is head of the ultra-Orthodox Chabad movement’s Jewish outreach mission in Budapest.

Only a few years ago, Szegedi hated Jews, viewing them as a sinister cabal of scheming spoilers, congenital malefactors and cosmopolitan fifth-columnists who stood in the way of Hungary’s rightful aspirations as a proud and prosperous Christian nation at the heart of Europe.

“I saw Jews as a monolithic group,” Szegedi tells The JPost. “When I thought of a Jew, I thought of a greedy, hunchbacked, hook-nosed banker.”

But in 2012 he found out that he was a Jew himself, and his whole world turned upside down.

His maternal grandmother, née Magdolna Klein, was Jewish and a Holocasut survivor from Auschwitz – and hence so was Szegedi himself, according to Jewish law.

After this knowledge, Szegedi began to reevaluate his views on various life issues and changed his whole lifestyle and political views.