Unemployed lawyer sues Law School for not getting a job in since 2008 after false promises

© Fox News/Screenshot

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A graduated lawyer, Anna Alaburda, 37, from Thomas Jefferson School of Law, in San Diego, California, sues her own university for false promises of a great career after graduation, when she in fact have struggled to get a job in law since graduation in 2008, Fox News reports.

The lawyer claims in her lawsuit against the university, that the Law School have marketed itself fraudulently with misleading statistics, by claiming that more students receives jobs after graduation, then they really are.

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The lawyer claims that she would never have studied there, if she had known about the real facts regarding unemployment after graduation, and she is now demanding 170.000 dollars, in compensation for her study costs. In addition she demands compensation for loss of salary.

The lawyer says she sent her application to over 150 law firms. The school's lawyers say that the women haven't tried enough, and that is the reason she has no job.