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A supermarket in Malaysia offered a job to a shoplifter who had no money to buy food for his family instead of calling the police on him.

The incident occurred on Wednesday, at the Tesco supermarket in Bukit Mertajam, after the father of three children was caught shoplifting. Instead of calling the police, the managers offered him a job and agreed to give him a cash advance to pay his mounting bills.

The 31-year-old man said that he was grateful to have a second chance and a job instead of being handed over to the police.

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He told managers that he resorted to shoplifting because his children were hungry and he had no money to buy food. He went into the store, and grabbed pears and apples as well as a few bottles of water. He was immediately caught.

The man quit his job in construction after his wife fell into a coma during childbirth. The man said that he is unable to work as his wife is in the hospital and he has to take care of his children.