Youtube - Illustration: The camps in Calais (The picture is from an another event)

Whistleblowers claim that there are big problems surrounding many aid workers in the illegal migrant camps in Calais France.

According to the sources, many of the aid workers see their work in the tent camp as a opportunity to have sex with the migrants, mostly men from Africa and the Middle East. In many cases the female aid workers have sex with boys that seem to be under age.

Some aid workers have 'multiple partners in a day'.

Almost 9,000 immigrants are living in the illegal camp outside Calais in France, hoping to smuggle themselves into Britain via the English Channel. The majority of them are men, but there are a few women in the camp also.

According to whistleblowers on Facebook, many of the aid workers and leftist activists that are coming to the camp to help the migrants, are in fact dong it to have sex with them instead. In particular, the female volunteers. They see the camp as a big "festival".

There are also cases in which male volunteers pay money to have sex with the migrant women in the camp.  

According to Daily Mail, the view of sex with the migrants among the some aid workers and political activists, is seen as something "natural", to take the opportunity to have sex, while others believe it's unprofessional to have sexual intercourse with someone in a vulnerable situation.