© Montage/screenshot - Feminist political debater Fanny Åström (image to the left).

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A feminist political debater writes in a article in the Swedish news website Nyheter 24 that she believes that women should not give birth to children the normal way. She considers this to be a major problem that must be stopped and solved with medical solutions and that giving birth should not be a part of the society any more.

"Those who want to have children in the traditional way can of course do so, it could well be an exciting extreme sports, however I do not believe that there is something inherently positive as we should have left as a natural part of life."

Fanny Åström describe herself as a feminist, leftist and a communist, and she believes that in the modern world of "post patriarchal communism", the "child production" will be automated, in the sense that children will be created outside the women's bodies.

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She also want radical political solutions to this "problem", with women giving birth to children the normal way, and writes; "the fact that women give birth to children is a problem that must be solved", and adds:

"I do not see why women should have to go through this painful process ... // ... We should see this as a medical problem to be solved just as we look at diseases or aging."