© Screenshot/TV2 - Daham Mamoud Hasan

A Syrian refugee in Esbjerg in Denmark, Daham Mamoud Hasan, has by the Danish authorities been granted permission to allow parts of his family back in Syria to move to Denmark to reunite with him there.

The only problem, is that he has 20 children with 3 wives and has only permission to reunite with 17 of the 20 children and only with 1 of the 3 wives in Denmark.

When he was asked, Hasan chose the youngest wife because she is already with him in Denmark, and she is the strongest one of three wives, according to Hasan himself, Danish TV2 reports.


But there is some financial difficulties for Hasan on how to get his whole family to Denmark.

- "I have residence permits (for the nine remaining children, ed.), But we have no money. If I want them from Syria to Turkey today, it cost my family 75,000 kroner (about $12.000). "Where should I get them from?", he says.

Local politicians in Esbjerg says that "We can manage this", but other politicians in the country are furious and calls this whole case "insane" politics.