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The southern city of Malmö in Sweden has banned a very popular cartoon among Swedish kids, Alfons Åberg, in every preschool. The reason for this, is that some political correct parents have complained that their child got very scared, cries and can't go to sleep after a special scene in the cartoon. Even the Swedish Schools Inspectorate has started a investigation.

The scene in the cartoon is called Alfons and the Beast. It's about a boy, Alfons, and how he doesn't want to go to sleep one evening. He's scared of his own imagination about a beast hiding in the closet.

This cartoon has been very popular among Swedish children for about 25 years. Apparentley this scene, has scared one child in a preschool in Bunkeflostrand, in the city of Malmö.

According to the parents, the child received "terrible nightmares" and demanded that the cartoon should be banned in Swedish preschools.

One of the producers, Pelle Svensson can not understand the criticism and repsonds:

- The movie has been broadcasted for 25 years. Probably millions of children have seen it. This is the first time I have ever heard that some parents got upset by it.

See the cartoon. The scene starts from 5:50 with "the Beast in the closet" and the boy Alfons is lying in bed.