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African refugees and migrants in Europe from countries like Nigeria are forced by criminal gangs into prostitution if they are women, and slave labour or begging if they are men. The unusual method, is by spreading fear threatening with Voodoo rites.

As refugees strive to reach western European countries, rumored to openly welcome refugees, they are said to often work with criminal groups often from their own home countries, to earn more cash to continue their journey.

"For a long time, prostitution of illegal immigrants was limited to the community they came from, but in recent years this 'market' is open to the Europeans. This is new. This problem is particularly present in Nigerian networks. Women prostitute themselves under duress of a voodoo rite, the Gugu. These networks also forcing men into begging," Stéphane Quéré told Atlantico."

Interpol's recent announcement that over 10000 migrant children have gone missing on the way to Europe also showed that fear of government by refugees created a windfall for criminal enterprises.