Big scandal in European football - The billionaire owner mocked coaches and players on the Internet

© Image montage - Jan Bech Andersen owner of the football club Brøndby

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The billionaire owner of the Danish football club Brøndby, Jan Bech Andersen, has been revealed for mocking his own coaches, players and the former sport manager "in very strong terms", on a popular Internet forum for fans, under the name "Oscar". - The coach Thomas Frank resigned immediately after the disclosure.

The scandal was revealed by the Danish newspaper BT, and has caused a great agitation within the club.

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Andersen called the former sport manager and the coach "hundred percent incompetent" for having bought mediocre players "in 9 of 10 cases", showing that they "took so many insane decisions because of ignorance and lack of experience", Andersen wrote.

And he even mocks at the players like Swedish striker Johan Elmander as an example of an "unsuccessful player" that will not pay off in they end.

In a long post on the club's website, Andersen apologises for his behavior, but is not planning to resign.

"Dear Brøndby fans. If I am incredibly sad about the concerns that I have been guilty of the last days? Yes, very much. Am I sorry for the cooperation with Thomas [Frank] has ceased? Yes, more than any other. Can I understand that the confidence failed? Yes, of course I can. Will I leave Brøndby because of this? No, I will not.