The Polish girl Magdalena Zuk being carried away by several Egyptian men in a hospital in Egypt - Reddit/Youtube


A young Polish woman, Magdalena Zuk, went to Eqypt by herself on a vacation, but she never came back home to Poland, and was later found dead after several local men grabbed onto her and carried her away.

A leaked surveillance video at a hospital shows four men chasing after the young woman dressed in a short skirt.

First they chased her in what seem to be a hospital, while she was running away screaming of fear. Then they grabbed onto her and carried her away while she was screaming and kicking, trying to free herself.

The investigation of her death is not yet finished, but her family and boyfriend back home in Poland suspects that she died of drugs that were given to her. They suspect rape. Although, that theory has not yet been confirmed by Egyptian authorities. What really caused the young woman's death remains unclear.