Americans abroad can vote - But only if you're a Democrat in some places

© Nancy Eichenlaub from Democrats abroad.

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American citizens living abroad can usually vote in the US presidential elections for both Democrats and Republicans in different countries in Europe. But not if you are a Republican living in Sweden. Because in some Swedish public libraries they have arranged so only Democrats may come and vote. No Republicans are welcome.

It's the organization Democrats abroad, that have made it possible for Americans to vote in public libraries in four different cities in Sweden: Stockholm, Gothenburg, Uppsala and Halmstad. But only voters who vote for the Democrats are welcome to vote.

The project leader behind the campaign in Halmstad, Nancy Eichenlaub, who's also an American citizen, says she hopes to influence the presidential elections by only permitting Democrats to vote in the public Swedish libraries in these four cities.

"It really is a success and we must do everything we can to influence the US election that feels like it has really got out of hand", says Nancy Eichenlaub to Swedish SR.