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A former Swedish national coach in Athletics, Ulf Karlsson, has claimed that football superstar in Paris SG, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, was doped during his years in Italian club Juventus. The reaction from Ibrahimovic's Italian agent Mino Raiola, is that they are going to sue Karlsson in court for his "false claims".

Ulf Karlsson claims that Ibrahimovic might have been doped in Juventus.

"Zlatan went up ten kilograms in six months at Juventus. I think he was doped. That is what I think", he said during a seminarium in Swedish city of Karlstad.

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Statements reached on Thursday Zlatan Ibrahimovic's team. And the agent Mino Raiola announces that it intends to take legal action.

- We will sue him. I'm not an expert on Swedish law, but we have a Swedish lawyer. We do not go out with who the lawyer is. That will come later, said Mino Raiola to Swedish press.

- "This man has made a big mistake. He will have had a life before this statement, and a life after that. He is spreading falsehoods.", Raiola added.