Appealed to court after have been rejected the financial help by social authorities
Amsterdam: Crazy and odd behaviour when the cops try to arrest this guy
Send SMS-threats to the customer, to warn him about spreading rumors: "Will butcher you"
Has been in detention since October 2016 for his violation (WTF?)
Is said to be the first camps since Hitler and Nazi-Germany - TV-celebrities are believed to be among the detained in the camps
The hitman shot him several times in the head while his bodyguard took cover after he also got shot
Russian sanctions may impact on over 1,200 U.S students
The transgender is ordered to show her genitalia to prove her gender
Burma: The mother had met a new man and is now suing her son for the comments on social media he had made about her
Went with his mother to the Must Love Kids dental clinic in Vancouver for a dental procedure
Mexico: The Catholic Church gave absolution to the priest
One of the daughters became pregnant by a 51-year-old client - Video