Jumped off the balcony when the owner returned home
Burma: The mother had met a new man and is now suing her son for the comments on social media he had made about her
Went with his mother to the Must Love Kids dental clinic in Vancouver for a dental procedure
Nigeria: He killed her because she did'nt want to have sex with him
Hunter Biden's wife Kathleen Buhle Biden revealed the sensitive information in a court filing last week
42-year-old Mary Frances Fletcher suspected of rape and sexual exploitation of the three minors
Took women's shoes off and started to suck on their toes at the mall
Polish MEP making new controversial statements - And probably pisses some feminists off with this one?
The 8 asylum seekers gets between 9-13 years in jail for the brutal rape
South Africa: Violent "xenophobic attacks" on immigrants blamed for criminal activities
Considers that paedophiles should only be prosecuted if they're a physical threat to children
The boy's mother was forced to prostitute herself to pay of an alleged loan to female traffickers
A project to create a new job industry for unemployed migrants and to attract tourists
Blames media for spreading false information regarding immigration and integration problems in Sweden and Europe
Malaysia: A female assassin killed the North Korean dictator's sibling at an airport
Wanted to test the efficiency of the border security - Look what happens. Fuckin' Unbelievable!
Russian sanctions may impact on over 1,200 U.S students
She will take legal action against the Dick by Mail-company to find out who is behind the "prank"
Tanzania: Incidents of rape and sodomy increased
Denmark: A public relations coup? - The contents of the bottles were hairspray
First presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is over
Mexico: The Catholic Church gave absolution to the priest
Kyiv: Vilkul and Parasyuk punched and kicked each other
North Carolina: Both the mother and the adult son was arrested on incest charges
Duterte giving European union the "fuck you" finger in live TV
Russia says it's enough evidence that the US air strikes, made it possible for IS to temporarily take over a Syrian military post
The specualations increases around the presidential candidates' mental and physical health
People saw a phallic symbol in the banner which has an other message
Austria: Was charged under Austria’s anti-Nazi prohibition Act from 1947