© Screenshot - Swedish pastry Chokladballs

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A Swedish bakery and coffee shop in a small town called Svedala, is selling a pastry called "Luxury negro balls". - Now some customers have reacted with rage and are accusing the bakery of spreading "racism" on social media, with published photos of a controversial sign, and they have demanded that the bakery changes the name on the famous Swedish pastry, back to the more current name "Chokladballs".

But the owner of the bakery refuses, and says it has been selling the pastry under the controversial name since the bakery opened in 1963, and the fact that the pastry has always been called that since 1918, and that it's very popular among most of the customers, says the owner to the local newspaper Sydvenskan.

The sign says: "Luxury negro balls, 20 Swedish kronor apiece ($2,5), or 4 pieces for 50 Swedish kronor", and was taken by the customer who posted it on Facebook, to demand a boycott of the bakery if it continued to use the "racist" and outdated name.

The Swedish delicacy, Chokladballs, mostly made of cocoa and coconut flakes, were earlier called "Negro balls" but the name has in recent years been banned in the Swedish mainstream society because of its racial steretypes of black Africans and caused a controversial debate in the country.