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A Swedish Professor in Family law, Göran Lind, claims in a article in Swedish news paper Svenska Dagbladet, that the Swedish laws makes it possible for newly arrived immigrants to have their child marriages they conducted abroad, legalized in Sweden.

He also says that the politicians ignore this issue and have no interest in changing the constitution to prevent child marriages among immigrants, after a 15-year-old Iraqi girl had her marriage to an adult man approved by the Swedish Migration Board.

"Child marriages concluded in a country where such marriages are valid under Swedish law, should be recognized in Sweden, if the couple were married at the time they were not linked to Sweden by citizenship or residency."

"These marriages should thus be recognized in Sweden, even if the parties are under 18 and have sought asylum in Sweden. The Migration Court has correctly recognized a marriage between a 15-year-old Iraqi girl and her husband."

According to Professor Lind the "liberal" stance in Swedish law has to with practical issues, to avoid getting married in every country a pair visits to have to legalize their marriage.