Mother let men rape her 6-year-old daughter for many years on a ferry

© Screenshot/ - The mother (right), and three of her elder daughters (left)

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A mother in Hjørring, North of Jutland in Denmark let grown men rape her daughter since she was 6-years-old till she was nine, on a ferry.

The 54-year-old mother and a stepfather, both alcoholics, were sentenced to 8- and 7 years in prison on wednesday by the Danish court, for having forced her their daughter since she was six to be raped by perhaps hundreds of different grown men on a ferry from Denmark to Norway and Sweden, reports.

When the girl turned eleven, she told her foster mother what happened to her when she lived with her biological mother.

It's not first time the Danish authorities knew about what was going on in the family according to BT. The older daughter were exposed to the same treatment years earlier, before she got away from the home.

The older daughter who testified in court against her mother, said after the sentence that "I hope she gets the worst possible punishment for what she has done".