Zlatan attacked with fireworks when visiting his home in infamous neighborhood Rosengard

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Swedish football superstar, Zlatan "Ibra" Ibrahimovic, from the French champions Paris SG, was attacked today with fireworks, when he visited his infamous neighborhood Rosengård in the Swedish southern city of Malmö today.

Ibra was not injured or hit by the firecracker, but twitched when the firework went of in the crowd were Ibra was signing autographs.

According to an eye witness Zlatan was very angry after the incident.

- He said "what are you doing, what is the matter with you". Then he went back to the car he was in and so they went two mini buses set off at full speed. He must have been really angry, he told local news website Sydsvenskan.

Another witness said:

- "Zlatan Ibrahimovic was a little angry and shocked. He ran back to the car".

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Zlatan is back in his hometown town to shoot a commercial for Volvo, that takes place in the notorious troubled area of Rosengard on his own Zlatan Court, were Zlatan grew up in as a child, before he left for a successful football career in European top clubs.

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