During a press conference, the defending heavyweight champion of the world in boxing, Tyson Fury, mocked the former heavyweight champion, Wladimir Klitschko and a boxing as a sport.

Tyson said he doesn't even care about boxing and doesn't take it seriously. It's for him a way to put food on the table and make som money.


He said that if he is the heavyweight champion of the world and Klitschko who is a professional boxer lost to him, then boxing is a joke, and said, "God help us all" about boxing. And then he turned to Klitschko and said, "Shame on you", and added during his mocking of Klitschko, "What is the point to practise for 40 years, if you can't beat a fat man?".

"Look at me, you lost to a fat man", Tyson said and stood up and took his t-shirt of to show his belly. "It's a disgrace to even call me an athlete", he added.