Study: Using the F-word could mean that you are "fucking" smart and talented

Youtube/Screenshot - Joe Pesci, a talented actor, known for his bad language and multiple F-words in movies like Casino.


According to some scientific studies people who swear a lot and use bad language could in fact have a gifted talent in language and in other areas. The study also shows that people who swear a lot use it as a mechanism to cope with their stress and other set backs at their jobs.

- Taboo words help people to develop and maintain solidarity, and serves as a mechanism to cope with stress, Professor Yehuda Barch said to the BBC.

He warns managers to try to ban or restrict the use of foul language on the job.
- Managers need to understand how their staff use profanity. Banning bad words can backfire. The challenge is to understand when to turn a deaf ear to the communications that do not correspond to their own ideals, he told the BBC.

Another recent study seem to back up this theory. Psychologists Kristin Jay and Timothy Jay of Marist College and the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, came up with the hypothesis that people who are well-versed in curse words, are more likely to have greater overall language fluency too.