Wikipedia - Illustration: Python snake


A Spanish woman from Loja in Granada, in Spain, was arrested by police after she had been feeding her giant python snake with puppies and kittens.

The woman was discovered by a worker at an animal shelter, when she put the snake up for sale on classified ad website, with a picture (see below) of her snake crushing a puppy to death. When she met the woman, the snake owner admitted to feeding the snake cats and dogs.

The animal protection unit of the Guardia Civil, said that they have arrested the woman of Loja, after admitting to an animal shelter worker to feeding live cats and dogs to her Royal Python. She is now facing a charge of animal abuse.

According to the police, the woman kept the snake in her home as a pet. The woman bought small cats and dogs, and fed it to her snake.


Guardia Civil: The image ad the woman is said to have used when trying to sell the snake.