Sadistic sect leader beats the shit out of a woman in his "Self knowledge"-Academy

Montage - Sect leader Alexander Shevtsov and his "Self knowledge"- Academy


A cult leader, somewhere in Russia, practises what more seem to be satanic liked rituals, by beating up and verbally humiliate its members with bad language insults. But in fact, the sect considers it to be the best fot its members.

A video is being spread showing the cult leader, Alexander Shevtsov, beating up a poor woman who's a member very badly with his fists and calling her suka (bitch) in Russian several times, in front of some small children who witnesses the whole horrific assault.

The video also shows how Shevtsov beats up a man with a large stick by hitting him against the head and the body several times, and calling him names.

Apparently the sect leader Alexander Shevtsov who is said to be a Dr. in psychology is leading an Academy in "Self knowledge" therapy. The beating is evidently part of the therapy session in the sect group.