Michael Favre, a 24-year-old footballer from Argentina, has died after two blows to the head during a match. First a knee, then by a punch from a opponent to the head.

The terrible scenes unfolded as Favre turned out for Club San Jorge de Villa Elisa against Defensores de Colon in a provincial match in Entre Rios.

Favre fell to the ground while chasing a ball alongside opponent Geronimo Quintana, and as Favre tripped Quintana accidentally caught him in the head with his knee.

The player got to his feet and reacted angrily, at which point a Defensores player ran in and appeared to hit Favre with his arm, sending him to the ground once again.

Favre, a father of two, again regained his feet but this time was clearly struggling. He was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival according to Eurosport.