"Unluckiest man in Australia" bitten on the balls by poisonous spider - twice

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A 21-year-old tradesman calls himself the "unluckiest man in Australia", after he got bitten on the penis by a poisonous spider, two times in a year, ending up in the hospital with extreme pain, after he visited a work site's portable toilet in Sydney, at two different occasions.

In April, the man, Jordan (he did not reveal his last name), was treated for a redback spider bite. Then again on September 27, he visited a similar toilet and got bitten again.

Redback spiders are venomous, and their bites can cause severe pain, sweating and nausea, according to Livescience. Closely related to the black widow spider, redbacks are distinguished by their namesake trait: a long, red stripe on the abdomen.

Redbacks are relatively common in Australia, and about 2,000 people are bitten by these spiders each year, according to the Australian Museum.

According to news reports, Jordan was treated for the bite and released in good health. However, spider bites have resulted in some bizarre side effects over the years. In fact, one spider's venom contains a toxin that can induce erections.


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