Migrants tried to rob a schoolgirl - You'll not believe what happened later

Illustration - Youtube


Three immigrant men from North Africa tried to rob a 16-year old Italian schoolgirl who was walking home. That turned out to be a big mistake and ended up with the men fleeing from the scene in fright. The reason: The girl has a black belt in jiu-jitsu, Il Giorno reports.

The robbers surrounded the girl and one of them tried to steal her mobile phone by putting his hand in her pocket.

The schoolgirl reacted immediately, by grabbing his arm and used her jiu-jitsu to immobilize him. In shock the man's two buddies quickly fled the scene. After the girl released her grip, the third robber ran after them, without saying a word.

The incident happened on Friday in the town of Trescore Balneario, in the Lombardy region of northern Italy.