Swedish city wants to import Camels so immigrants can get jobs

Youtube - Illustration


To fight the rates of high unemployment among Somali immigrants in Sweden, the city of Gothenburg has decided to import Camels to create a theme park were the immigrants can work with the Camels.

"We have people in the compound from Somalia and Middle Eastern countries that have extensive knowledge of camelids." Says the chairman of the Camel Center, Géza Nagy to Swedish news paper GP.se.

After several years of planning, the dream of a camel center in Gothenburg will soon become a reality.

The plan is to attract paying tourists. It's for people who want to come and watch and try to ride the animals in the planned park. The association will also sell products such as camel milk.

The planned theme park, Angered Camel Center, has not yet been approved by authorities, but have already recieved tax-financed benefits from the city to start of the project, because they see benefits from it, if unemployed immigrants like Somalis can get jobs.