© Screenshot/Montage - Cecilia Johnson, youth league chairman in Stockholm and Henrik Edin, youth league chairman in Sweden of the Liberal party.

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The youth union in the Liberal party in Sweden suggests now that they want incest and necrophilia to be legalized in Sweden.

According to Swedish newspaper Nyheter24, the youth section, LUF, of the Liberal party, Liberalerna, have reached a decision during their annual meeting in the Swedish capital of Stockholm, that the union endorses a change of legislation, regarding incest and necrophilia. They want to abolish all the laws that prohibits sexual intercourse between siblings.

It is proposed that adult siblings, those who are over 15 years old and who wants to, should be able to. The law should not moralize, says Cecilia Johnson, liberal youth league chairman in Stockholm.

Regarding necrophilia (sex with dead bodies), the union has adopted a decision that it wants to make necrophilia legal.

Johnson believes that it is not primarily concerned necrophilia, but about everyone to have to decide for themselves what should happen to their body after death.

- We want people to decide what they want with their body when one is dead. In practice, this means that once can bequeath it to science or a museum, or if you want to allow someone else to have sex with it. It's about owning your own body, even after they have died, she said.