Man spied on several pedophiles to beat them up with a hammer

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A man in Anchorage in Alaska, Jason Vukovich, has been charged with using a hammer to attack a registered sex offender in Anchorage last month, now faces additional charges for assaulting two other men listed on the public sex-offender registry.

According to a recent bail memorandum, Vukovich, carried a notebook with a list of names, including Charles Albee, Andres Barbosa and Wesley Demarest.

Over five days in June, he entered the homes of the three men, uninvited, and hit them, sometimes with his fists and sometimes with a hammer.

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Vukovich told police that he targeted his victims based on their listings on Alaska's sex-offender registry, the memo says.

Vukovich, that calls himself a self-styled "avenging angel", for children hurt by abusers, wrote that children "should be able to play in the streets and parks and go to church without the threat of pedophiles lingering around them.", according to Alaska Dispatch.