Video released showing the assassination of Kim Jong-Nam - Half brother to Kim Jong-Un

Montage/Wikipedia - Kim Jong Nam to the left and a assassination footage of him to the right.


A video is now released by the Malaysian authorities showing how Kim Jong Nam, half brother to the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un, was mysteriously murdered at an Malaysian airport.

The video shows how Kim Jong Nam is walking around in the airport, when suddenly a female assassin in a white shirt, comes up from behind in public, grabs on to Kim Jong Nam in a quick move, and puts something around his mouth, and in a few seconds after, just walks away.

Kim Jong Un was brought to the hospital, but didn't survive. He was believed to have been poisoned.

Kim Jong Un was living in exile for a couple of years ago, in fear of his own family, after a conflict about his visit to Disney World in Japan, when his father, Kim Jong-il, still was in power in North  Korea.