Trump hits back about Sweden and immigration - Calls media "FAKE NEWS"

Montage - President Donald Trump.


President Donald Trump hits back on Twitter, and blames the media for being "Fake news" when they, according to himself, are deliberately spreading false information about the immigration and integrations problems in Europe and particularly Sweden.

President Trump tweeted a new sarcastic reply to his critics.

Donald Trump has been heavily criticized for his speech at one of his rallies on Saturday, when he mentioned Sweden and the country's immigration "problems" and said; "look at what's happening last night in Sweden".

Critics say that nothing really happened in Sweden during Friday, and Trump has been a laughing stock the past couple of days on social media.

Trump later explained on Twitter that he was referring to a news broadcast on FOX News with Tucker Carlson and his guest, Ami Horowitz, who has made a documentary of the refugee crisis and the immigration problems in Sweden.