Wild Cherry's leading singer, Rob Parissi and Michael McDonald - Montage.


For a long time people heard the song, Play that funky music white boy, by the seventies funk and rock band, Wild Cherry, and thought it was a typical African-American funk band, jamming to the beat.

Some even thought it was a song to mock white people with racial slurs, when they heard it back then in the good old days, and some obviously still do, when reading the commment fields on Youtube, with comments like:

"They're white!..","And I always thought this was a black group"... "oh my gosh, the singer is a white guy?? i had no idea until now...", "Funky, baby! Whiteboys got funk!...", "The whole band was white, Some funky honkies..."



Michael McDonald was often back in the days mistaken for being a black dude with his characteristic voice.