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A petition has been started and over 55.000 people have already signed it, to make the famous British writer J.K. Rowling, "to take in muslim refugees in her 18 spare bedrooms".

The petition requires that 75.000 people will sign it, and then after it will be delivered to Rowling herself, according to the website

J.K Rowling has been known for her liberal views on immigration, were she have many times publicly urged European politicians and governments to open its borders for immigration of asylum seekers and help them with tax payers money in all kinds of way.

But apparently Rowling's engagement in these issues, has provoked some people that thinks she could help out by taking in immigrants to many of her "empty rooms" in several of her mansions:

"J.K. Rowling has often announced her solidarity with Middle-Eastern refugees on twitter. She is a well-known advocate of open borders and often stated, that Europe has the duty to give every single one of these refugees from all over the middle east, rarely warzones, asylum and welfare. Everyone who represented a different opinion was viciously attacked by her, and she is not alone."

"Since she is a sheltered member of the rich elite, we think that it is time for her to show some true solidarity. J.K. Rowling has 18 spare bedrooms in her mansions in Britain and could easily give 18 refugees a long-time housing, not to mention the space available on her giant property to erect refugee shelters."

"We demand that J.K. Rowling grants no less than 18 refugees shelter in her mansions for at least 8 years. She rejects safe immigration, which is why we also demand, that there will be no additional vetting process for these refugees. Her virtue-signaling stems from ignorance, and the 100% effective cure of it will be this drastic change of perspective. To make this group of refugees representative of the situation Europe, we also demand that the group consists of 14 men and 4 women, since over 75% of the millions of refugees are male."