Threatens to be "pimps" for Melania
The Romanian Roma population feels "Borat" lied to them while filming the movie and can't quite get over it.
This video compilation shows the best of these insults from the classic sitcom "Married with Children"
Someone has been apparently provoked by the famous British writers liberal views on immigration issues and calling her "hypocrite"
Didn't consider to be a proper dress to show in the Islamic republic?
The 58-year-old popstar was granted permission by the Malawian high court to bring the girls to the U.S
The Hollywood actress trying to show that she is in a perfect romantic relationship?
“My father is almost 70, ever heard of elder abuse?”
Stand-up performance before Delirious and Raw
Almost 24.000 have already signed and they want to see proof that the migrants are in fact pro-feminists
To DJ Sven's Old school "Holiday Rap" Mix
50 Cent mocking an airport worker of being high on drugs - The worker has dealt with mild autism and social anxiety his entire life
Cosby back in court on May 24 to face criminal charges in his alleged drugging and assault of Andrea Constand
Well, find the fuck out here! - See the fucking image gallery!

Was the famous "eighties laugh" even real or just fake? Why did he change it?

Thinks America is not doing enough with the refugee crisis from the Middle East

"The Godfather of Soul" teaches some smooth and "groovin" dance moves - Video
He was so cool that a big clothing company made a commercial video out of it